Mini-OX Side Mounting Bracket

CAD $120.00

Side Mounting Bracket For The Bilge Clean Mini-OX



This is the side mounting bracket for the Bilge Clean Mini-OX. It is installed on either side of the Mini-OX and secured with 4 screws into the mounting points on the sides of the unit.

For specific installations, such as where there is requirements for a greater variation in water level than the included mounting ramp can provide, this bracket provides an alternative mounting solution. It also allows for more permanent installations where units are required to be inside the vessel travelling and provides a stronger mounting connection so that unit will be more steady than with the standard ramp.

The bracket requires purchasing of a 1″ square hollow aluminum (Can also be high density polymer) bar cut to the required length for the bilge installation. That bar is then fixed to another location in the bilge so that the Mini-OX can slide up and down the bar while the bilge water level changes.

Example of this mounting can be seen in the below video:


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