Bilge Clean Mini-OX

CAD $2,350.00

Bilge Clean Mini Ox – Oil Skimming Unit



The Mini-OX bilge cleaner is designed to remove oil, diesel and other hydrocarbons from bilge water by skimming the contaminants off the surface of the water via the rotating disc and scraping them into the storage trough. With this floating unit, as the storage trough fills up with fluid, a pump will automatically move the fluid into a secondary storage container.

This unit is intended to be used on mid-size work/fishing/pleasure boats and can be adapted for use across many different applications.

Check out the Mini-OX Manual Here.

More Info in the videos Below:


Weight (complete with packaging): 17lb
Weight (skimmer machine only): 10lb
Weight (power supply): 3lb
Weight (ramp): 1.4lb

Height: 10”
Width (pontoons in): 9.5”
Width (pontoons out): 11.5”
Length: 13”
Power harness length: 12’
Wire type: SAE J1128
Skimmer machine water ingress protection: IP67
Ignition protection: SAE J1171 / ISO 8846
Pump discharge hose length: 10’

Power Supply
Width: 8.5”
Height: 4.25”
Depth 1.625”
Power harness length: 8’
Power harness termination: 5/16” ring terminals
Wire type: SAE J1128
Fuse rating/type: 5A Mini
Power supply water ingress: IP65
Input voltage: 9-36 Vdc
System current draw: 1A typ @ 12Vdc input

Length (retracted): 14.25”
Length (extended): 23”

Additional information

Weight 7.75 kg
Dimensions 40 × 33.8 × 39.7 cm


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